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Aging Analytics Agency Executives Deliver
Benchmarking of Global Government-Led
Longevity Development Plans in the UK Parliament


On May 1 2019, Dmitry Kaminskiy and Eric Kihlstrom on behalf of Aging Analytics Agency presented key findings from the agency’s 265-page open-access report on government-led Longevity development plans at the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Longevity Strategic Advisory Board meeting, which took place in UK Parliament on 30 April 2019.


Aging Analytics Agency serves as the primary source of analytics and data for the APPG for Longevity, and this new report marks the most significant of its analytical inputs for the APPG produced to date, and follows the delivery of multiple other such reports delivered to the APPG, including the 1000+ page second edition of its landmark “Longevity Industry in the UK” report, profiling 260 Companies, 250 Investors, 50 Nonprofits and 25 Research Centres and 55 UK Longevity Influencers and Thought-Leaders.


Present at the meeting were the Officers and Members of the APPG for Longevity, including Rt Hon Damian Green MP, Lord Kerslake, Jonathan Lord MP and Baroness Sally Greengross OBE, executives of the APPG’s Secretariat, International Longevity UK, members of the APPG’s Advisory Board, including representatives of the University of Oxford, the University of Liverpool the UK, the UK Department for International Trade, Department for Health and Social Care and Financial Conduct Authority, the National Innovation Centre for Ageing, the Royal Society of Chemistry Industry & Technology Council, and others, as well as top executives of several prominent UK financial institutions including Barclays, Securis Investment Partners LLP, KPMG, Neoqua Capital, Club Vita LLP, Vitality Invest, Hill Dickinson LP, and others. 


The report, “National Longevity Development Plans: Global Overview 2019 (First Edition)” delivers a comprehensive international overview of the projects, initiatives and efforts that different countries across the globe are making in order to combat the issues associated with populating ageing and to promote the extension and maintenance of their citizens’ Healthy Longevity. It offers comprehensive profiles of relevant initiatives in the UK, Israel, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, China, the USA and the European Union, and utilizes sophisticated analytical metrics to compare the overall strength, focus, proactivity and relevance of their projects to the problem Ageing Population and the opportunity of Healthy Longevity.


Commenting on some of the major conclusions of the report, Dmitry Kaminskiy, (Founder of Aging Analytics Agency, and Co-Founder / Head of International Development for Longevity International UK, the APPG for Longevity Secretariat), stated: “The UK is very well positioned to become an international leader of Healthy Longevity, and was ranked #1 in this report’s proprietary analysis for a number of reasons including its reputation as a BioTech R&D and Financial Hub, a strong history of industry-academia partnerships focusing on scientific and technological synergies, and its commitment of £300 million to its Ageing Population Industrial Grand Challenge. The nation has all necessary compounds in place to leverage and channel its existing strengths into an efficient, Government-led campaign to make the promotion of Healthy Longevity and financial reform to neutralize the economic burden of an Ageing Population a key priority of its national strategic agenda.” 



In order to analyze the size, efficiency, and productivity of various Government-led Longevity projects and initiatives, the report uses a complex, multi-dimensional analytical framework that applies specifically-tuned weightings to a number of tangible, quantitative metrics and parameters, including quantitative measures relating to Longevity, Ageing Population and its effects on the national economy (such as life expectancy, health-adjusted life expectancy, GDP, healthcare efficiency, number of retirees projected insolvency dates of relevant programs such as social security and pension schemes, and many others), as well as specific novel metrics unique to Aging Analytics Agency’s comparative analytics framework for this report, which applies specific importance factors to unique quantitative and qualitative parameters in order to classify and prioritize specific types of initiatives, and to measure the strength of Longevity-related initiatives and their likelihood of translating into tangible deliverables like increased Healthy Longevity and economic growth. Using this proprietary framework, the report compares the overall strength, efficiency, and focus of each government regarding the sum of its projects and initiatives focused on Healthy Longevity and Ageing Population.



Speaking on how the report’s findings strengthen the existing notion that the UK an international leader of Government-led initiatives relating to Ageing Population and Healthy Longevity, Eric Kihlstrom (Director of Aging Analytics Agency, former Interim Director of the Government-led £98 million Healthy Ageing Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, and Head of Industry Collaboration for Longevity International UK, the APPG for Longevity Secretariat), commented: “This report not only shows that the UK is an international leader of Government-led Longevity development initiatives, but also highlights key next steps the nation can take to optimize its strategic execution of future initiatives. The UK Government needs to extend existing efforts and create a framework to change the deficit model of the ‘Ageing Society’ to an asset model around ‘Longevity’ and be bold with a national strategy to harness the ‘Longevity Dividend’ to benefit all people in society. In other words, the nation needs a fully integrated Longevity National Development Plan. This requires intelligent co-ordination, and the establishment of a governing body equivalent to the UK’s recently-created Office for AI. To this end, the development of a Blueprint and Framework for a Government-led National Longevity Development Strategy is one of the core aims of the recently established All-Party Parliamentary Group on Longevity and its secretariat company, Longevity International UK.”

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