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​Longevity Industry in Switzerland:
Landscape Overview 2019

Aging Analytics Agency Report Reveals Central European Country Poised to Rise to Become Global Leader in Longevity Finance.

Longevity Industry in Switzerland Landsc

July 16, 2019, London, UK: "Longevity Industry in Switzerland: Landscape Overview 2019" Aging Analytics Agency’s first of its kind, open-access, 470-page analytical report titled Longevity Industry in Switzerland: Landscape Overview 2019 delivers a comprehensive overview of the history, present state and near-future trajectory of the Longevity Industry in Switzerland, profiling 100 leading companies, 80 investors, 15 influencers, 35 research labs, 15 non-profit and 10 governmental organizations active in the Swiss Longevity sphere. 


The report is structured so as to introduce readers to key developments in the Swiss Longevity sphere. This is accomplished by highlighting major Swiss players in the field of Longevity, covering pertinent scientific and technological trends and advances, analyzing existing and projected governmental policies in Switzerland and by providing an overview of underlying demographic data. The report’s appendices provide detailed information regarding principal participants in Swiss Longevity field.

The choice of Switzerland as the subject of the Aging Analytics Agency’s regional Longevity industry report series is justified for a number of reasons. 

Since its earliest publications, Aging Analytics Agency has been identifying the components that would need to work together in order to orchestrate a Fourth Industrial Revolution, a revolution in human Longevity that will transform the “silver tsunami” (global aging population) from a threat into an opportunity. Aging Analytics Agency predicted this revolution emerging from 'Longevity-progressive' countries, which it defined not simply as countries with high investment in biomedical technology such as the US or China, but countries most capable of integrating AI into their economic, financial, and healthcare systems.


Longevity Industry in Switzerland: Landscape Overview is a case study of one of the most Longevity-progressive countries of all: Switzerland. It offers a comprehensive analysis of the Longevity-related challenges and opportunities it faces ahead.


Longevity-progressive countries normally have large aging populations. The Swiss population is one of the oldest on the planet. This induces Swiss organizations, companies, institutes, etc., to follow the global aging trend and boosts Switzerland as a centre of biomedical research and technology in the Longevity sphere.


The report features a special chapter entitled Anatomy of a Longevity-progressive Country, examining Switzerland’s unique political architecture, how it measures up to Silicon Valley as a biotech hub, and why this is conducive to the advancement of the Longevity industry in Switzerland. In particular, it examines Switzerland's strengths and weaknesses as a home for precision medicine.


In examining Switzerland’s Longevity-progressive characteristics, we find that the country possesses the following unique strengths:


  • A lean political system that facilitates rapid implementation of integrated government programs

  • A strong research environment for geroscience

  • A strong research and business environment for digital health

  • An abundance of political will to address the demographic challenge

  • International financial prowess


And the following weaknesses:


  • The absence of any specific Longevity business community. E.g. It is a site of digital health summits, not Longevity summits

  • The absence of any industrial strategy for Longevity, e.g. like the UK’s recognition of ‘aging in society’ as an industrial challenge

  • The heterogeneity of health data infrastructures has slowed the development of a nationwide personalized health ecosystem as compared to countries with more homogenous national health systems


Given Switzerland's small geographical size, and its reliance on international cooperation, Aging Analytics Agency predict the future role of Switzerland as a small but important node in the Longevity industry but also as something of an originating point for the future Longevity Finance industry as detailed in Aging Analytics Agency’s upcoming Advancing Finance Industry report. 


The following courses of action are recommended to Switzerland:


  • Develop a Longevity progressive pension system and insurance company ecosystem that accounts for both population aging (which threatens to destabilize the current business models of insurance companies and pension funds) and the potential for widespread healthspan extension

  • Develop a national strategy for intensively developing its geroscience, precision medicine and FinTech to a state so advanced that it propels Switzerland into a central role in the internationally competitive Longevity business ecosystem, where it can rise to become a global leader in the specific field of Longevity finance.


The report concludes that Switzerland is capable of retaining its position as one of the global leaders in the Longevity industry so long as it focuses on the optimal assembly of its existing resources, and further advances in technological spheres in order to face its economic and demographic challenges.



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