Global Longevity Governance Landscape Overview 2019

All-Party Parliamentary

Group for Longevity


Proposal to the APPG for Longevity's “ National Strategy for Five More Years of Healthy Life Expectancy While Closing the Social Gap by 2035: Call for Evidence and Solutions

United States

Metabesity and Longevity: USA Special Case Study (Joint Project with Targeting Metabesity)


Metabesity and Longevity:USA Special Case Study

World Health Organization


Response to the World Health Organization's "Decade of Healthy Aging: 2020 – 2030 Draft Zero Action Plan"

United Nations

Proposal to the United Nations on Optimization of International Longevity Policy and Governance

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Infographic Summary

UK House of Lords Science and Technology Committee


Proposal to the UK House of Lords Science and Technology Committee's “Ageing: Science, Technology and Healthy Living” Evidence Inquiry


Longevity Policy and Governance in Switzerland (Joint Project with Longevity Swiss Foundation)


National Longevity Development Plans: Global Overview 2019


Longevity Policy Official Submissions Press Release

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