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Blockchain and Crypto in Longevity Industry 2023

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This report focuses on the intersection of the Longevity and Blockchain Industries and provides an overview of the trends, funding activity, and risk assessment for various companies operating in this space. The Longevity Industry involves scientific research into aging and its associated diseases, as well as P4 medicine, AgeTech, and longevity finance, all of which have the potential to extend healthy lifespan and contribute to an industry worth over $27 trillion.

Precision health technologies will be a significant driver of practical outcomes in healthy longevity, but they will also require other Low- and DeepTech components, such as Blockchain Healthcare Management Solutions and Platforms, as well as Blockchain Economy projects like DAOs and NFTs. The report uses the Blockchain in Longevity Industry Classification Framework to conduct a market overview of companies operating at the intersection of Longevity and Blockchain Industries.

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