Dmitry Kaminskiy



Dmitry Kaminskiy is the Founder of Aging Analytics Agency, Managing Partner of Deep Knowledge Ventures, and a prominent Longevity Investor and Thought-Leader.

Kate Batz

Vice President of Business Development


Kate Batz is Vice President of Business Development of Aging Analytics Agency. She is a corporate attorney by background with extensive sales and marketing experience

Franco Cortese



Franco Cortese is the Deputy Director of Aging Analytics Agency. Having joined the team in 2015, he has overseen the production of the majority of the agency's Longevity Industry Reports.

Ian Inkster

Senior Analyst


Ian Inkster has worked across multiple biotech companies since 2009 with an emphasis on giving definition to the rejuvenation biotechnology industry. He had a hand in the SENS Research Foundation since its inception, and his previous role was as a public relations officer for Deep Knowledge Ventures.

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