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Longevity Industry in Switzerland 
Landscape Overview 

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Key Takeaways


This report is structured so as to introduce readers to key developments in the Swiss Longevity Industry. This is accomplished by highlighting major Swiss players in the field of Longevity, covering pertinent scientific and technological trends and advances, analyzing existing and projected governmental policies and by providing an overview of underlying demographic and economic data.

By utilizing a variety of infographic mind maps, the report first enables readers to quickly identify its core analytical findings and conclusions. Its subsequent chapters then introduce readers to specific areas of the Longevity industry in Switzerland.

In this analytical case study, we identified relevant companies, investors, R&D organizations and non-profit organizations that operate, interact with or are involved in any other way in the Longevity Industry. The key purpose of this report is to support all industry entities and stakeholders in strategic decision-making to gain maximum value.

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