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Longevity Portfolio Overview


Here you can get yourself acquainted with the longevity companies that are of great investment interest based on their market performances and technology implemented. We also provide an introspective analysis of returns for different types of portfolios constructed out of these companies.

Companies Cumulative Capitalization Dynamics
(January 2020- June 2021), $ trillions

Stabilizers 12 Months Return

Stabilizers are big, well-known companies with great market performance. This set is considered to be the most reliable and is suitable for risk-averse investors because of the companies inside have only positive average returns over the past 12 months. Considering the leitmotif of our portfolios, the companies chosen are also Longevity-related in their projects, collaborations and other market actions. 


Uniqa Insurance Group 
EMIS Group
Frontage Holdings
OPKO Health
Oxford BioMedica
CStone Pharmaceuticals
Healthcare Trust of America

NorthWest Healthcare Properties REIT

Equally-weighted Portfolio


Min. Variance-adjusted Portfolio


Capitalization-weighted Portfolio


Sharpe-based Portfolio


Portfolio overall performance

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