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Longevity Leaders

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Aging Analytics Agency’s “Top-100 Longevity Leaders” is a 140-page open-access report that identifies and categorizes 100 public and private-sector professionals working to grow the Longevity landscape through their efforts in business, science, policy and media outreach, and features infographics that classify these Longevity Leaders by industry, region, sector, and primary activity.

The report presents its list of the Top 100 Longevity Leaders as categorized according to several core subcategories: Investors and Donors, Research and Academia, Entrepreneurs, Politics, Policy and Governance, and Media Influencers. These Leaders are additionally classified by the type of activity in which each spends the majority of their time and efforts: Entrepreneurship, Research and Academia, or Publicity.

The report aims to provide readers with a clearer understanding of the types of private and public-sector professionals directing the rapidly rising Longevity industry as a whole, listing the top 100 individuals influencing the direction of the entire multifaceted industry, and measuring the leadership impact of each individual in their respective field.

The overall purpose of the report is to understand where the Longevity Industry’s sources of influence lie, to help promote establishing efficient links between sectors in order to achieve a healthy and mature global Longevity Industry. To achieve this  crucial to analyze the existing examples of accomplished leaders in this area, their backgrounds, skill-sets, strengths, competencies, and types of impact they have on the industry in general.

The report reveals that the Longevity industry sources its expertise from a variety of disparate sectors, and that the industry is driven by a disproportionately high number of people with direct involvement in more than one sector.


It also reveals that while there has been a large publicity-seeking component of the industry, there is an important public sector involvement also, as the industry begins to be embraced by politicians and parliamentarians, especially with the 2019 launch of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Longevity.

It is apparent that the next roadblock in the further development of the global Longevity Industry will be surpassed only if the largest institutions active in the domains of politics, science, and finance jointly recognise Healthy Longevity as a substantial opportunity and a solution to existing challenges, and pull together in the same direction.

Longevity has already achieved mainstream recognition and growth in the areas of media, science, and industry. Government - and the development of tangible national development strategies that emphasize healthspan extension and the paradigm shift from treatment to prevention represents the next great frontier for the topic of Longevity. Progress in biomedicine already has the global talent, resources, and discipline it needs to continue to grow.

Therefore, the next major effort in growing the Longevity sphere should be ensuring that the diverse forms of leadership described in this document continue work in each other’s favor, with an ongoing increase in government involvement, to execute the transformation of the problem of ageing into the opportunity of Healthy Longevity.

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