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Global Advanced Cosmetics Market Overview

Advanced Cosmetics Landscape Overview 2021 suggests that advanced cosmetics market is a promising area of the beauty industry and one of the directions of its development. Such cosmetics can be beneficial to humans in some way and have both cosmetic and therapeutic (medical or drug-like) effects. It is a category of products placed between cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals that are intended for the enhancement of both health and beauty. Thus, it was assumed that the market includes Natural cosmetics, Cosmeceuticals, Beauty devices, Ingredients-as-a-Service and Anti-ageing cosmetics markets. For advanced cosmetics, manufacturers use high-tech overhauls across product development and manufacturing. The market is actively using technology and innovation as a force multiplier to growth, such technologies are AI, AR for skin discovery, technology to detect and monitor health conditions in real-time (including telemedicine, diagnostics), stem cells technology, and bioelectronics.

The global Advanced Cosmetics market size was calculated as the total value of the five markets, which accounted for $159.5 Bn in 2020 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 11.6% from 2019 till 2023 to reach $222.8 Bn. Such factors as increasing consumer perception regarding appearance, growing preference towards natural and organic products, rising disposable income in emerging economies, as well as the availability of scientifically advanced products are forecasted to drive the growth of the Advanced Cosmetics market.

Skin care preparations is the key category of the Advanced Cosmetics market which amounted to 53% of the total market. Top-5 categories in the market are skin care preparations, supplements and ingredients, specific disorder-related products, diagnostics and consultation, and hair preparations, the share of which amounted to more than 89,5% of the total Advanced Cosmetics market.

Due to the crisis, 41 publicly traded companies experienced a decline in their operations, with cumulative capitalisation of $210B or (-25.14%) growth. By market capitalisation, the largest companies are Johnson & Johnson, Estee Lauder Companies, Colgate Palmolive, Bayer, and Kimberly-Clark Corporation.

Johnson & Johnson is the leader of the ranking by market capitalisation which amounted to $436B in March 2021. The company has subsidiaries operating in the Advanced Cosmetics industry, one of which is Neutrogena and Clean & Clear. The second and third largest Publicly Traded companies are Estee Lauder Companies and Colgate Palmolive with total capitalisation amount of $106B and $67B respectively.

As for the product types specialisation, laboratories or R&D centres are demonstrating almost equal distribution among multiple product types and the only one product type focus, nearly 45% and 55% respectively. Among other, the skin care products development services are provided by 162 companies.

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