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ReleasesLongevity Journalism Landscape

Mapped for the First Time

The Topic of Longevity Now Recognized as Mainstream by 
Major Business, Tech and Finance Media Outlets

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May 17, 2019, London, UK: Aging Analytics Agency’s open access, 175-page report, Top-100 Journalists Covering Advanced Biomedicine and Longevity, presents an overview of the Longevity journalism and media landscape, highlighting its journey as a fringe-science topic a mere five years ago to its current status as mainstream topic embraced by the world’s top business, finance and tech media.

In the report is a set of 100 profiles of journalists publishing articles on the topic of Longevity and classifies those journalists’ articles into the following core subcategories: The Science of Longevity, The Business of Longevity, Ageing and Society, Longevity and the Financial Industry, Longevity, and Artificial Intelligence, and AgeTech.

The Longevity Industry is a combination of geroscience, advanced biomedicine, P3 (precision, preventive, and personalized) medicine, the AgeTech market, and the financial industry. Over the past several years Aging Analytics Agency has produced a large volume of global and regional reports highlighting and landscaping the Longevity industry in different regions, with the aim of s