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Top-100 Journalists 
Covering Advanced 
Biomedicine and Longevity

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Aging Analytics Agency’s open-access, 175-page report focuses on the media and journalism landscape that covers Longevity as a mainstream topic. Its objective is to illustrate how the Longevity Industry is perceived by the world’s top media, and how media coverage, in turn, influences public perception of the industry.

The report profiles the top 100 journalists and associated media entities covering the topic of Longevity, as classified according to the following subcategories: The Science of Longevity, The Business of Longevity, Aging and Society, the Financial Industry, Artificial Intelligence and AgeTech.

Longevity is an industry with many different sides, an intersection between many technologies. It’s a notoriously difficult subject to portray realistically and objectively. The topic of Longevity is usually covered by media as either a scientifically unjustified fantasy to do with cure-all magic pills that cure aging in one fell swoop, when in fact it is neither.

The past few years have seen a rapidly increasing number of objective, conservative, clear portraits of the industry in the world’s top media,  and an overall increase in coverage by highly-reputable media outlets like TIME, The Economist, Bloomberg, Financial Times and others.

The report offers an overview of the Longevity Media and Journalism landscape, and illustrates how the topic of Longevity has gone from fringe to mainstream in the past five years, being embraced by the world’s top business and tech media entities, and features in-depth profiles of the 100 most active journalists writing on the topic of Longevity, and infographic MindMaps that chart the top 60 media entities that have published articles on Longevity.

Notably, the report shows how the notion of living past 100, and the extension of Healthy Longevity, has been embraced by conservative public and private sector professionals, with a multitude of major financial institutions now regularly releasing analytical reports and holding conferences on the topic of Longevity for the clients and customers, and with the remarkable recent launch of the UK All-Party Parliamentary Group for Longevity.

A better understanding of how the media presents Longevity as a topic provides deeper insight into how the general public and business community views the prospect of a Longevity Industry. The report concludes with a key insight: in the past five years, the idea of extending Healthy Longevity has gradually matured into a mainstream topic, according to highly reputable media entities, business analysts and investors.

Up until 2013, Longevity - in the sense of healthy life extension - was often portrayed as a scientifically-ungrounded fantasy or as a matter of “cure all” anti-aging pills in the mainstream media. In fact, it is neither. Fortunately, recent years have seen a notable increase in the number of clear and comprehensive portraits of the industry in the world’s top media.

This rise in serious coverage of Longevity was especially notable in highly-reputable media outlets including TIME, The Economist, Bloomberg, Financial Times and others. The purpose of this report is to distill the complex Longevity media industry and its trends into a set of comprehensive infographics and profiles that allow the entire ecosystem to be viewed and comprehended in a single glance.

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