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Top-100 Longevity Leaders Landscaped for the First Time

Analytical Report Identifies and Classifies the Top-100 Most Active and Influential Public and Private Sector Professionals of the Global Longevity Landscape in 2019

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June 06, 2019, London, UK: Aging Analytics Agency’s 140-page open-access report “Top-100 Longevity Leaders” charts the most active and influential public and private sector professionals working to grow the global Longevity landscape through their efforts in business, science, policy and media outreach. Infographics are also used to categorize leaders by industry, region, sector, and primary activity.


These 100 Longevity Leaders are classified according to several core subcategories: Investors and Donors, Research and Academia, Entrepreneurs, Politics, Policy and Governance, and Media Influencers. The reason for these diverse categories is simple: Progress in the Longevity Industry is driven by biomedical innovation, which is in turn accelerated by political coordination formed as a response to democratic demand for Longevity solutions, which in turn is motivated by large mainstream support from public opinion.


The Longevity Industry is a combination of geroscience, advanced biomedicine, P3 (precision, preventive, and personalized) medicine, the AgeTech market, and the financial industry. In this report leaders are assigned additional categories based on the activities necessary in advancing these technologies in which each spends the most time: Entrepreneurship, Research and Academia, or Publicity.


In the past few years Aging Analytics Agency has produced a large volume of global and regional reports highlighting and landscaping the Longevity Industry in different regions, with the aim of systematizing the Longevity Industry and clarifying its major trends and future directions.


This report, however, looks at the leadership of the entire global Longevity Industry, and charts the specific types of professionals driving the unprecedented growth and mainstream acceptance of this multi-sector industry as a whole, listing the top 100 individuals influencing the direction of the entire multifaceted Longevity sphere, and measuring the leadership impact of each individual in their respective field.


This allows the reader to identify the main sources of influence throughout the industry, and build efficient links between sectors in order to achieve a fully fledged global Longevity Industry. It is crucial to analyze the existing examples of accomplished leaders in this area, their backgrounds, skill-sets, strengths, competencies, and types of impact they have on the industry in general.


The report reveals that the Longevity Industry sources its expertise from a variety of disparate sectors, and that the industry is driven by a disproportionately high number of people with direct involvement in more than one sector. 


It also reveals that while there has been a large publicity-seeking component of the industry, there is an important public sector involvement also, as the industry begins to be embraced by politicians and parliamentarians, especially with the recent launch of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Longevity, which was officially announced earlier this month.


About Aging Analytics Agency

Aging Analytics Agency is the world’s premier provider of industry analytics on the topics of Longevity, Precision Preventive Medicine and Economics of Ageing, and the convergence of technologies such as AI, Blockchain, Digital Health and their impact on the healthcare industry, renowned for its development of sophisticated comparative analytical frameworks allowing for practical and tangible forecasts to be applied to industries that are otherwise too complex for standard analytical approaches to be used in a relevant way. The company provides strategic consulting services in fields relating to Longevity, and currently serves as the primary source of analytics and data for the UK All-Party Parliamentary Group for Longevity.


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