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Aging Analytics Agency Founder Dmitry Kaminskiy and Director

Eric Kihlstrom Deliver

“National Longevity Development Plans Global Overview” Report

at the Launch of All-Party Parliamentary Group for Longevity


Aging Analytics Agency Executives Dmitry Kaminskiy and Eric Kihlstrom delivered a presentation highlighting major conclusions from the recent “National Longevity Development Plans Global Overview” report at UK Parliament, as part of the official Launch Event for the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Longevity.


Aging Analytics Agency serves as the primary source of analytics and data for the APPG for Longevity, and this new report marks the most significant of its analytical inputs for the APPG produced to date, and follows the delivery of multiple other analytical reports delivered to the APPG, including the 1000+ page second edition of its landmark “Longevity Industry in the UK” report, profiling 260 Companies, 250 Investors, 50 Nonprofits and 25 Research Centres and 55 UK Longevity Influencers and Thought-Leaders.


Speaking at the meeting were Matt Hancock, UK Secretary of State for Health and Social Care and the APPG Chair Rt Hon Damian Green MP and Chair of Advisory Board Lord Geoffrey Filkin CBE.


Commenting on some of the major conclusions of the report, Dmitry Kaminskiy, (Founder of Aging Analytics Agency, and Co-Founder / Head of International Development for Longevity International UK, Secretariat APPG for Longevity), stated: “Given that the Longevity Industry is one of the only sectors where there can be no competitors, but only collaborators, with each counter-parties’ efforts serving to further to global good of healthier, more productive lives, our new analytical report gives specific focus on promoting a greater degree of cross-sector collaboration both within nations’ own borders, as well as cross-border cooperation with countries whose unique strengths and resources can be allied for mutually-beneficial Longevity-focused international initiatives, learning from some countries’ previous mistakes, and working to implement the proven best practices of other countries to strengthen the collective Longevity-progressive efforts of all nations together.”


Speaking on how the report’s findings strengthen the existing notion that the UK an international leader of Government-led initiatives relating to Ageing Population and Healthy Longevity, Eric Kihlstrom (Director of Aging Analytics Agency, former Director of the Government-led £98 million Healthy Ageing Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, and Head of Industry Collaboration for Longevity International UK, Secretariat APPG for Longevity), commented: “This report not only shows that the UK is an international leader of Government-led Longevity development initiatives, but also highlights key next steps the nation can take to optimize its strategic execution of future initiatives. The UK has most of the required compounds in place to make the best possible assembly of resources to shift the nation’s focus from the problem of ageing to the opportunity of Healthy Longevity, and ignite the coordinated development of a world-leading intersectional Longevity, Advanced Biomedicine, Artificial Intelligence and Financial Industry Hub.”

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