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FemTech Healthcare Landscape Overview Q1 2019

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Aging Analytics Agency announces the publication of a new open-access report: FemTech Landscape Overview Q1 2019, profiling 120 companies, 335 investors, 30 influencers, 15 conferences and 10 journalists active in the FemTech Healthcare, Preventive Medicine and FemTech Longevity sectors.


Why FemTech?

FemTech refers to the emerging range of digital technologies focused specifically on women’s health. The majority of the market current consists largely of wearable devices and smartphone interfaces, connected medical devices, and hygiene products. These products, platforms, and techniques are geared towards widening female access to healthcare on a global scale, empowering as well as educating women.

Femtech is an offshoot of HealthTech, in the sense that it relies on preventive or analytic systems to monitor and maintain health, but represents a major departure from the traditional tech scene that has been dominated by male-oriented product designs and applications. It is a burgeoning, upstart industry with a rapidly increasing public profile, increasingly diverse applications, increasing investor attention, set to have an increasing share of the capital directed at healthcare.


The story of FemTech is apparent from an examination of the sectors of the industry --  Healthcare, Preventive, and Longevity -- in that order. In fact, these three categories mark the stages of the same paradigm shift that this report series has sought to document for years now: The shift toward increased disruption, away from palliative solutions and toward comprehensive, preventive medicine solutions, made possible by a series of synergies.


The main body of the report begins by charting how FemTech has emerged from current synergies between the traditional decades-old solutions to female health, and more recent digital and biomedical advances. It continues into an overview of Preventive FemTech, illustrating how FemTech, in lockstep with the other technologies described in this report series, has undergone a shift from treatment to prevention through advanced prognostics.

FemTech Shifting From Treatment to Prevention

The rise of the FemTech Longevity sector may partly be the result of the increasing lag between Female healthspan (the number of years free from chronic, degenerative age-related disease) and their rising lifespans. Females have higher average lifespans and life expectancies than men. However, the number of years spent suffering from age-related diseases like dementia are also higher.


This creates an unmet need for products and services aiming to maximize female healthspan that the rising FemTech Longevity sector is striving to fulfill.  While the current FemTech Longevity market is dominated by products and services aiming to maintain reproductive and ovarian functionality into middle-age and old-age, we can expect to see an increasing diversity of prognostic, diagnostic and therapeutic applications aiming to intervene upon other forms of female-specific age-related health and wellbeing.

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