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Advancing Financial Industry 
Longevity / AgeTech / WealthTech

Advancing Financial Longevity Industry T

Aging Analytics Agency is preparing to release a special case study which will be the first in a series of analytical reports to be updated quarterly on the topic of Advancing Financial Industry - Longevity / AgeTech / WealthTech” profiling the Longevity activities and prospects of 150 UK financial entities. The parties who gain early access to this report will have deep expertise on how their strategic agendas can be optimized and stabilized in order to manage and hedge Longevity risks, to surpass the challenges and to utilize the opportunities related to advancing biomedicine, ageing population and financial technologies.


Ageing represents not only one of the most pressing problems of our time, but also one of the most promising opportunities. Financial institutions such as investment banks, pension funds and insurance companies can either sink or swim when hit by the oncoming Silver Tsunami. Whether they succeed to ride the wave or drown under it will depend not only on their willingness to deploy new business models adapted to an ageing population and the emerging industries of AgeTech, WealthTech and Longevity Finance but also on the quality of Longevity Analytics that they use to formulate such business models.


The key questions on the intersection of Longevity and finance include:

  • What are the major threats and opportunities facing financial institutions regarding population aging?

  • What are the tools to deal with Longevity risk? How exactly can and should they be applied?

  • How can financial institutions benefit from the collision of Longevity megatrends?


This will be a 60+ page report delivering practical answers to these specific questions in order to optimize the short and long-term strategies of financial institutions, with a new updated edition being released each financial quarter, incrementally increasing the precision, practicality and actionability of its industry analysis.


Each new edition will provide a more sophisticated, comprehensive and precise understanding of these challenges and opportunities, as well as what financial institutions such as private wealth and retail banks, pension funds and insurance companies need to do in order to benefit, rather than stagnate, from the oncoming collision of these two opposed Longevity MegaTrends.


It will deliver:

  • Concrete deep analysis of the prospects of each sector of financial industry regarding the development of Longevity trends

  • Tangible forecasts on the 3-5 years horizon, providing an overview of novel Longevity-related financial products and instruments that will be market-ready by 2022-2025

  • Practical guide to the optimized way for assembling best possible tools and solutions to deal with Longevity risk and to gain profits from main Longevity trends  

  • Analysis of key market players in the Longevity financial landscape.

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