Longevity Governance


Current Trends in Life Expectancy and Healthy Longevity

Developed countries have higher life expectancy comparing to developing countries. Life expectancy at birth in countries varies significantly. Dut the differences among high-income countries differences in life expectancy have narrowed over time. The highest value is in Japan and the lowest value is in South Africa, they equal 84.2 and 63.6 years accordingly. The United States is the high-income country where life expectancy is marginally low the average level of chosen countries (72.3 years).

Difference between Female and Male Life Expectancy at birth

Female life expectancy exceeds male life expectancy in all countries. In 2019 in the United States male life expectancy was 76.3 years for males and 81.4 years for females, a difference of 5 years, whereas in France it was 5.6 years and in the United Kingdom., 3.5 years. The discrepancy was much greater in some countries, with the difference in Russia reaching more than 10.8 years, but in others, such as India 2.9 or United Arab Emirates (2.2 years) it was much less. The female advantage in life expectancy used to be very small, but it grew substantially over the last century. These two points also apply to the other countries with available data, Sweden, France and the UK.