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Longevity Industry in Singapore


Aging Analytics Agency announces the publication of its new open-access report, Longevity Industry in Singapore, which covers the history, present state and future of the Longevity Industry in the region, profiling 30 Longevity Influencers, 15 R&D Centers, 10 Non-Governmental Organizations, 15 Thematic Conferences from 2017 to 2019, 100 Companies, and 80 Investors in the Singaporean Longevity sphere.

Singapore: A Longevity-Progressive Country

Much of Singapore’s progressive stance towards Longevity stems from its meritocratic governmental structure. As a city-state, the nation is highly adept at efficiently and effectively implementing sweeping industry development and progressive social policy initiatives and reforms. This property makes it an ideal candidate to create a government-driven Longevity Industry national development plan, with potential of becoming a thriving international Longevity biotech hub. These properties make Singapore a natural subject for Aging Analytics Agency analyses. This latest report seeks to document the factors that makes this country a potential global Longevity industry hub and how to further foster that potential, particularly at a political level.

Progressive Government Initiatives

In 2015, Singapore’s ministerial committee for aging launched an action plan for successful aging, consisting of a multi-pronged approach that includes preventive and active aging programs that begin at the early age of 40. Singapore has also embraced the rising sector of AgeTech to help improve the quality of life and levels of social engagement of its elderly population. AgeTech technologies, which encompasses any digital technology that aid the elderly, are being rapidly adopted by medical institutions and nursing homes across the nation. As such Aging Analytics Agency considers Singapore a natural subject of interest for their Longevity Industry report series.

Singapore recently unveiled a national development plan in the Longevity sphere, making it a natural subject for Aging Analytics Agency. Details include:

  • Preventive and active aging programs that start at the early age of 40;

  • The launch of the Silver Academy, a continuing education program that offers 900 courses, currently with 21,000 student enrolled;

  • Silver Generation Ambassadors who visit citizens when they turn 65 to determine their specific needs, and offer referrals to relevant services where necessary;

  • Increased funding by the Health Ministry to healthcare infrastructure like hospitals, nursing homes and day care facilities;

  • A program that screens five key age-related conditions for $5 or less.

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