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Longevity Industry in United Kingdom

Second Edition (Q4 2018)


Aging Analytics Agency announces the publication of a new 1000+ page report on the state of the Longevity Industry in the UK as of Q4 2018. This new report is a follow-up to the first edition of our Longevity Industry in UK Landscape Overview released last year, and features three new chapters, a substantially updated and revisited Executive Summary, and an expanded appendix featuring profiles of 260 Companies, 250 Investors, 50 Nonprofits and 25 Research Centres, as well as an updated list of 55 UK Longevity Influencers and Thought-Leaders. It also features comprehensive infographics that enable the entire industry to be taken-in at a single glance, and an Executive Summary that provides a succinct summary of the report’s scope and major insights, conclusions and forecasts.

The Second Edition Reaches Several Timely and Updated Conclusions:

The central role of technology in improving the lives of the elderly has been generally recognised at a government level. However, efforts that intelligently direct technological agendas towards improving healthy Longevity itself has been lacking. 2018 saw an unprecedented boom in Longevity industry activities and developments, and a growing expansion of interest from investors, analysts and leading business media. The number of Longevity-focused startups and investors continue to grow at an exponential rate. We are also witnessing the gradual convergence of Longevity, advanced biomedicine and preventive medicine. While 2017 was the dawn of the Longevity industry, 2018 was clearly its indisputable rise to mainstream prominence and maturity.

Going forward, the UK government needs to proactively establish overarching agencies to direct, guide and govern ongoing developments in its Longevity industry, akin to the ways it supported UK’s growing AI industry: forming the AI Industrial National Strategy and establishing an All-Party Parliamentary Group on AI and a Government Office for AI.

In July 2018, Aging Analytics Agency published an analytical report titled “Longevity Industry in UK Landscape Overview 2018.” This regional case study documented the factors that make the UK well-suited as a global Longevity industry hub, and provided insight on how to foster that potential.

To reach its conclusion, the report profiled hundreds of relevant companies and investors, provided an overview of major UK Longevity nonprofits and research labs, and identified major industry trends. The report then utilised comprehensive infographics to distill industry data and conclusions into easily understandable summaries, and offered guidance on how various stakeholders and government officials could work to strengthen the industry and assist the UK to reach its full potential as a global Longevity Industry hub.

One of the strongest conclusions of the report was that the UK has sufficient resources in each of the three most crucial sectors for Longevity—biotechnology, AI and the financial industry—to succeed. However, the nation must focus on cross-sector collaboration and synergetic convergence among disparate but related fields to become a leader in the global Longevity industry.

Q3 and Q4 of 2018 turned out to be periods of astonishingly accelerated industry development for this sector. Given this exponential progress, it became relevant to reassess, update and extend the trends, insights and major conclusions of the original report. Furthermore, a re-evaluation allows us to closely tie new conclusions to progress made in Q4 2018, ensuring a more quantitative understanding of these new developments.

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