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Singapore Revealed as Longevity Progressive Nation

Longevity Industry in Singapore Growing, Driven by Progressive Governmental Action Plans and Social Policy Proposals for Healthy Longevity and AgeTech

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Aging Analytics Agency’s new report outlines the Longevity Industry landscape in Singapore. It offers an in-depth overview of the history, present state and future of the Longevity Industry in Singapore. It profiles 30 native pioneers of longevity research in Singapore, 15 Longevity R&D centers, 10 non-governmental organizations, 15 thematic conferences from 2017 to 2019, 100 companies, and 80 investors in the Longevity sphere.

The Longevity Industry lies at the nexus of geroscience, advanced biomedicine, P3 (precision, preventive, and personalized) medicine, the AgeTech market, and finance. The complexity and regional diversity of this multidisciplinary sector requires country- and region-specific analysis. Longevity Industry in Singapore is part of a series of regional case studies of the Longevity Industry around the globe.

These regional studies follow two previous reports: Longevity Industry Landscape Overview Volume I “The Science of Longevity” (750 pages), and Volume II “The Business of Longevity” (650 pages).

The Business of Longevity predicted a fourth industrial revolution emerging from so-called “longevity-progressive” countries: nations that not only highly invest in the biotech sphere, such as the US or China, but are also capable of integrating AI into their economic, financial, and healthcare systems for the benefit of their aging populations. These tend to be small technocratic countries including those high on the World Economic Forum's Network Readiness Index.

Singapore is one such country. This report comprehensively documents the factors that make it well-suited as a global Longevity Industry hub, and explores how that potential could be further developed, particularly at a political level. In 2015, Singapore’s ministerial committee for aging has already launched an action plan for successful aging, consisting of a multi-pronged approach that includes preventive and active aging programs that begin at the early age of 40.

Singapore has also embraced the rising sector of AgeTech to help the country improve the quality of life and levels of social engagement of its elderly population. AgeTech technologies, which encompass any digital technology that aids the elderly, are being rapidly adopted by medical institutions and nursing homes across the nation.

Much of Singapore’s Longevity-progressiveness stems from its meritocratic governmental structure. As a city-state, the nation is highly adept at efficiently and effectively implementing sweeping industry development and progressive social policy initiatives and reforms. This property makes it an ideal candidate to create a government-driven Longevity Industry national development plan, with potential of become a thriving international Longevity biotech hub. These combined advances make Singapore a natural subject for Aging Analytics Agency’s analyses and targeted reports.

This new Singapore report will be followed by the publication of another region-specific report (Longevity Industry in Israel) and one thematic report (Top 100 Media and Journalists Covering Advanced Biomedicine and Longevity) throughout the coming weeks. Aging Analytics Agency also has a number of open-access regional case studies and specialized, domain-specific reports scheduled for publication throughout 2019, including:

  • Longevity Industry in Switzerland

  • Longevity Industry in Japan

  • Longevity Industry in Hong Kong

  • Longevity Industry in California

  • Advancing Financial Industry / AgeTech / Longevity

  • Longevity Industry and the Microbiome

  • Precision Medicine Clinics Global Landscape Overview

  • Global Longevity Industry Landscape Overview: Second Edition


In order to accommodate its significantly expanded scope of activities planned throughout 2019-2020, Aging Analytics Agency has also enhanced its executive management team with the addition of several experienced Longevity Industry experts and influencers, including the appointment of Eric Kihlstrom (former Director of the £98-million Healthy Ageing Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund) as the new Director of Aging Analytics Agency.


The full report can be accessed via the following link:


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Aging Analytics Agency is the world’s premier Longevity Analytics company, dedicated to the production of analytical reports on the topics of Longevity, Precision Preventive medicine and AgeTech. It is the only analytical company focused exclusively on Aging, Geroscience and Preventive Medicine. Operating for over five years, it began producing in-depth reports on Longevity long before it emerged as an industry. The company also provides strategic consulting in the fields of Longevity and Economics of Aging.


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