Virtual Conference on Practical Applications of Mitochondria Research

for Human Longevity and Space Medicine

(June 9-10, 2021)

Practical Applications of

Mitochondria Research

for Human Longevity

Practical Applications of

Mitochondria Research

in Space Medicine

Time: Wednesday, June 9th 2021,

5 pm BST - 7:45 pm BST

Time: Thursday, June 10th 2021,

5 pm BST - 7:45 pm BST

"Practical Applications of Mitochondria Research for Human Longevity" is an upcoming conference taking place June 9, 2021 (5 pm - 7.45 pm, BST) where professionals from Aging Analytics Agency and invited guest speakers who are Practical Longevity Experts, Space Medicine Experts and Women Influencers will share insights, findings and personal experiences about the Role of Mitochondria in The Practical Human Longevity and Scientific Approaches to Women For Extending Reproductive Longevity.

"Practical Applications of Mitochondria Research in Space Medicine" is an upcoming conference taking place June 10, 2021 (5 pm - 7.45 pm, BST) where invited guest speakers will share insights, findings and personal experiences about the Practical Applications in Mitochondria Research for Space Medicine and Approaches to Women For Extending Reproductive Longevity both on Earth and beyond.

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Thomas Seoh

Chief Executive Officer at Kinexum

Thomas Seoh is an entrepreneur/executive who has held senior leadership positions in public and private, pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies for over 25 years.  After practicing corporate law in New York and London and serving as General Counsel for several companies, including Viratek in Costa Mesa, which developed the antiviral, VIRAZOLE®, and engaged in antisense oligonucleotide research, he joined Guilford Pharmaceuticals in Baltimore, which commercialized GLIADEL® wafer for glioblastoma multiforme and developed the propofol pro-drug LUSEDRA® and small molecules for Parkinson’s disease.  Thomas began as Guilford's VP, General Counsel and Secretary, and later served as SVP Corporate and Commercial Development. Thomas holds an AB in Philosophy and History and a JD from Harvard University.


Dr. Michael B. Zemel

Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer at NuSirt BioPharma

Michael B. Zemel is a Chief Scientific Officer of NuSirt and a CSO of Kinexum.He founded NuSirt Sciences following a 30+ year academic career with the intent of translating molecular and cellular studies of energy sensing and metabolism into concrete solutions for diseases of over-nutrition and aging.


He has lead both the discovery and translational programs for NuSirt, resulting in significant intellectual property development; these efforts have led to 25 US patents (with corresponding international patents) granted since 2012, most of which have been successfully translated into clinical assets in obesity, NASH and diabetes.


David Brown

Ph.D., Senior Director, Scientific and Technical Innovation at Stealth

A scientist, communicator, and innovator specializing in rare diseases. An expert in metabolism, notably inherited and acquired mitochondrial diseases.

Technical expertise spans basic science through transnational clinical endpoints, and is used to advance discovery pipelines, educate others, and track emerging technologies. Established author of scientific manuscripts, regulatory documents, medical affairs training modules, and corporate presentations. Fascinated by innovative mitochondrial medicines and relentless in pursuit of novel rare disease therapies.


Dr. James Carroll

Chief Executive Officer at Thor

James Carroll is an internationally recognized authority on Photobiomodulation (PBM) / Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) who collaborates with many universities and research centers on PBM, including Harvard Medical School and School of Public Health, MIT, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Leiden University Medical Centre (in Amsterdam). James is one of the most recognized authorities in the world on PBM’s low level light therapies mechanisms of action, dose, dose rate effects and the measurement and reporting of parameters.


He is the Biomedical Optics Society Conference Chairman and founded THOR Photomedicine June of 1998 and has been the Chief Executive Officer since its inception.

afish ph.png

Dr. Afshin Beheshti

KBR at NASA Ames Research Center

Dr. Beheshti completed his PhD from Florida State University in physics and made a transition to cancer, systems biology, and radiation biology for his postdoctoral training. In 2014 he became an Assistant Professor at Tufts University School of Medicine/Tufts Medical Center where he continued his research as a systems biologist studying various aspects of cancer including microRNAs, aging and cancer, cancer drug targets, and development of novel immunotherapy. 


In April 2017, Dr. Beheshti joined KBR, NASA Ames Research Center to be part of the GeneLab project assisting with developing the platform. In addition, Dr. Beheshti also has obtained his own grants where he is conducting research on how microRNAs will affect space biology and potential use for countermeasures to mitigate space radiation and microgravity. Lastly, Dr. Beheshti currently also holds a Visiting Researcher appointment at Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard and is the Lead of a non-profit formed on March 2020 working on COVID-19 called COVID-19 International Research Team.

sarah 2.png

Dr. Sarah Baatout

Head of Radiobiology Unit Belgian Nuclear Research Centre

Prof. Dr. Sarah Baatout is the director of the Radiobiology Unit at SCK CEN (Belgian Nuclear Research Centre), Mol, Belgium. She is also guest-professor at Ghent University and KULeuven (Belgium) teaching and directing research in the field of radiation biology, radiation protection, space biology and medicine.


Recently, she received the award of the “BeSpace personality of the year”, a recognition for her research and outreach achievement in the space sector and was recognized by various magazines as one of the women that make Belgium move. In the Science Fiction novel “2Reply noReply” of the Belgian author Peter Rakers about the preparation of martionauts, she plays her own character training and teaching the selected crew before their space mission to Mars. In 2020, she was awarded by the King and Queen of the Belgians the title of woman of the year for her strong and bright engagement towards society.


Dr. Arkadi Prokopov

Expert Longevity Practitioner

Dr. Arkadi Prokopov is biogerontologist, mitochondrial researcher and physician for integrative medicine with three decades of experience in normobaric intermittent hypoxic training/therapy.


Dmitry Kaminskiy

General Partner at Deep Knowledge Group

Dmitry Kaminskiy is an innovative entrepreneur and investor active in the fields of Longevity, Precision Medicine, and Artificial Intelligence. He is co-founder and managing partner at Deep Knowledge Ventures, a leading investment fund focused on DeepTech, renowned for its use of sophisticated analytical systems for investment target identification and due-diligence. 


He is a frequent speaker on AI and Longevity, including events organized in London by The Economist “Aging Societies and The Business of Longevity”, Financial Times “Smart Machines vs Smart People”, Financial Times “Global Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Conference”, the "Precision Medicine World Conference" in Silicon Valley as well as others at Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

Conference Agenda Day 1

"Practical Applications of Mitochondria Research for Human Longevity"

5:00 - 5:07: Kate Batz (Managing Partner, Longevity.Capital), Franco Cortese (Director, Aging Analytics Agency)
Opening Remarks


5:07 - 5:15: Thomas Seoh (Chief Executive Officer, Kinexum)
Introduction and Overview of Scope of Topics and Speakers


5:15 - 5:30: Dr. Michael Zemel (Chief Scientific Officer, NuSirt BioPharma)
Mitochondria as a Target for Practical Longevity


5:30 - 5:45: David Brown (Ph.D., Senior Director, Scientific and Technical Innovation at Stealth BioTherapeutics)
Clinical Targeting of Mitochondria for Longevity and Other Indications


5:45 - 6:00: Dr. James Carroll (Chief Executive Officer, Thor)