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Global mHealth Industry
Landscape Overview 2023

Beta Version

The burgeoning field of mHealth represents a pivotal shift in healthcare delivery, offering transformative opportunities for enhanced patient care and engagement. Within this dynamic landscape, the integration of mobile technologies in healthcare has led to remarkable advancements and growth, positioning the mHealth industry as a cornerstone of modern medical practices. A vibrant ecosystem of 280 companies, 300 investors, and 30 hubs fosters collaboration, facilitates access to diverse resources, and plays a pivotal role in driving the overall success of the mHealth Global industry.

mHealth Global Industry Landscape Overview 2023

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The "mHealth Global Industry Landscape Overview" report provides an in-depth overview of the global mHealth industry, illustrating the sector's rapid growth and its substantial impact on healthcare delivery worldwide. It explores key market trends, technological advancements, and regulatory frameworks shaping the industry, alongside a detailed analysis of leading geographic regions and players in the field. This comprehensive report offers insights into 280 companies, 300 investors, and 40 prominent hubs within the Global thriving mHealth landscape.


mHealth Global Industry


Distribution of AI BioMed Companies by Sector in the UK (Beta Version)

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mHealth Global Industry Leaders

Our mindmap represents a dynamic network of leaders in the field of mHealth. This network encompasses a diverse range of professionals, including researchers, investors and entrepreneurs who are at the forefront of driving innovation across multiple domains within the Mobile Health sector. The collective expertise and innovative approaches of these individuals are reshaping the future of healthcare around the globe, promising transformative advancements and breakthroughs in the field.


mHealth Global Industry Knowledge Hub (Beta Version)

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Global AI in Drug Discovery Platform

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AI in Cancer Vaccines Platform

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AI in NeuroTech Platform

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AI in Drug Discovery in Asia Platform

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AI in FemTech Platform

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AI in Nuclear Medicine Platform

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AI in Oncology Platform

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AI in Diabetes Platform

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AI in Organoids and Organ-on-a-chip Technologies

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Country-Specific mHealth Ecosystem

United Kingdom
United States
United Arab Emirates

Industry-Specific mHealth Ecosystem

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Stock Exchange
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