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mHealth in the UK 2022

Developed by Deep Knowledge Group, the mHealth Industry in the UK Landscape 2022 report contains a brief overview of the UK mHealth in general and by subsectors. This report focuses on industry participants, its major trends, obstacles, and the support of the government towards the mHealth industry. The project contains the analysis of more than 580 companies, 80 investors, and 30 non-profit organisations engaged with the mHealth industry in the UK.

The UK has the potential to become a global leader in the mHealth Industry. mHealth businesses can thrive in the UK due to the presence of a talented workforce, technology partnerships and large growth opportunities for the technology. For the purpose of this report, we considered the following use cases: government authorities use, clinics, and private cases of mHealth usage. The report highlights a number of key steps to improve the adoption of digital technologies. It acknowledges the importance of technology in bridging the gap between demand for healthcare and the capacity of healthcare services to meet it and provides an objective view of the current state of NHS digitalisation and what the future of healthcare might look like.

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Key Findings
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Interactive MindMap
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