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Other Interactive Graphs and Charts

This interactive chart represents major Longevity subsectors by funding amount. Accordingly, FinTech, Age-Friendly Banks, and AI for Longevity are the largest subsectors in Greater Manchester's Longevity industry.

Major Longevity Subsectors

by Funding Amount, £B

This interactive graph depicts the location of Longevity investors, the major number of which are located in the United Kingdom predominantly include companies with headquarters in London (30 entities).

Location of

Longevity Investors, %

This interactive chart depicts 35 R&D centres focused on longevity discovery and development. The main research fields are social care for elderly adults and digital healthcare, mental health (especially dementia), biomarkers and diagnostics, and ageing.

This interactive graph represents 25 longevity Hubs & Accelerators in the Greater Manchester area. According to the graph, there are almost equal parts of for-profit and non-profit organisations, but for-profit companies constitute the majority (52%).

These interactive charts illustrate 475 longevity not-for-profit and charity organisations in the Greater Manchester area. The Nursing Services (49%) and Elderly Care (33%) categories make up the majority of these organisations. Organisations that provide and organise different social activities for elderly people (16%) also contribute to Manchester’s age-friendly services. As evidenced by the graph, other organisations include Housing, Social Care and more. 

Longevity R&D Centres

by Research Area, Total Amount

Hubs & Accelerators

by Company Type, %

Non-profit Organisations

by Category, Total Amount

Non-profit Organisations

by Category, %

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