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Longevity Industry in the Greater Manchester Area

Data Summary Grid

GMA Healthy Ageing Ecosystem

(Interactive Mindmap)

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Full Report

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Report Teaser

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GMA Healthy Ageing Ecosystem




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Companies Distribution by Longevity

Subsectors (Infographic Summary)

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Leading Longevity Companies

Comparative Analysis (Interactive Graph)

Leading Longevity Investors

Connections (Interactive Diagram)

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Other Interactive Graphs and Charts

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The Largest Longevity R&D Centres

(Infographic Summary)

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Trends & Perspectives of the Longevity

Industry (Infographic Summary)

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Aging Analytics Agency has been appointed by MIDAS, the inward investment arm of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, to conduct an analytical survey and profiling of the municipality’s healthy ageing assets (companies, investors, R&D centres, hubs, etc.), to strengthen and help the local Manchester government to meet the goals set out in their Local Healthy Ageing Industrial Strategy. The present report and associated interactive IT-Platform presents the full results of that analytical survey.

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