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California — a Key Player in the Global Longevity Scene

California As Major Driving Force of the Global Longevity Industry Gaining Momentum Under Unprecedented Age Wave and Breakthroughs in Advanced Biomedicine

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May 31, 2019, London, UK: Aging Analytics Agency’s first of its kind, open-access, 1130-page analytical report titled “Longevity Industry in California: Landscape Overview 2019” delivers a comprehensive overview of the history, present state and near-future trajectory of the Longevity Industry in California, profiling 220 leading companies, 255 investors, 80 influencers, 40 research labs, 40 non-profit and 15 governmental organizations active in the Californian Longevity sphere. 

"Global longevity has gone from underfunded sector to a booming industry embraced by investors, scientists and the media within just a few years. I launched Longevity Vision Fund to help at least 1 billion people to live longer and healthier lives through investing into companies working at the forefront of science and technology. This open-access report, landscaping Longevity Industry efforts in California, reflects only a small portion of the enormous volume of activities aiming to extend healthy human longevity that are happening around the world." — Sergey Young, Founder of Longevity Vision Fund and an advisor for the report.


"This report charts the current landscape of Californian geroscience, as well as a wide range of important life-extending technologies. California is one of the birthplaces of biotechnology, and, as the place where the science of biogerontology first met the technology of regenerative medicine, it can now also be styled the birthplace of rejuvenation biotechnology, and the place where the first shots in the war on aging were fired. As the war on aging goes global, California will remain an important field of battle for decades to come." — Aubrey de Grey, CSO of SENS Research Foundation and VP of New Technology Discovery for AgeX Therapeutics.

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The report is structured so as to introduce readers to the key developments in the California Longevity Industry as well as to offer a global perspective on the topic. This is accomplished by highlighting key players in the field of Longevity, covering pertinent scientific and technological trends and advances, analyzing existing and projected governmental policies as well as by providing an overview of underlying demographic and economic data.  The report’s appendices provide detailed information regarding principal participants in California’s Longevity field.  

California is the epicenter of the longevity industry. With massive financial resources, unlimited intellectual talent, and perfect weather, people are moving from all over the world to create their longevity start-ups here in California. I fully expect the first people to overcome aging to be in California using California-created tech.” — Zoltan Istvan, Longevity Thought-Leader, best-selling author and the 2016 Presidential Candidate for the Transhumanist Party who has spoken at the World Bank, the World Economic Forum, Microsoft, Harvard, and was the opening keynote at the Financial Times Camp Alphaville

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This report shows why California has been and will continue to be a global hub of the future of healthcare, longevity and precision medicine. Advances in healthcare and in personalized and preventive medicine are happening at breakneck speed, and individuals have never had more tools and technologies available for gaining power over their own health and longevity than they have today.” — Robin Starbuck Farmanfarmaian, author of the best-selling book The Patient as CEO: How Technology Empowers the Healthcare Consumer.

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The choice of California as the subject of Aging Analytics Agency’s regional Longevity industry report series is justified for a number of reasons.  California plays one of the key roles on the global Longevity scene — its sheer economic power, population demographics, world-famous academic and research institutions producing top talent and fostering innovation, thoughtful public policy supporting the state’s vibrant life sciences ecosystem as well as dynamic venture capital scene help secure such a position. 

California, itself the world’s fifth-largest economy, is one of the few states proactively meeting the personal, societal, and economic challenges posed by an aging population. This report details its unique position to demonstrate, both to the rest of the United States as well as the world, how thoughtful policy decisions and aging-focused state-sponsored initiatives can turn these challenges into opportunities: engendering both a sustainable healthcare economy, as well as increased healthy lifespan and happiness for individuals.” — Keith Comito, President of the Life Extension Advocacy Foundation.

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Compared to the rest of the United States, Californians take a progressive stance on Longevity — the state ranked second for life expectancy at birth and third - for healthy life expectancy.   However, on a global scale, California is lagging behind other leading world regions with respect to these parameters, especially considering the amount of corresponding health expenditures.  While the government of California has been among the pioneers for addressing the societal implications of aging for decades, the state is far from being immune from the associated challenges. 

“Today millions suffer from age-related degeneration.  It is a universal and complex problem facing us all, defying piecemeal solution.  Never before has it been more important to systematically survey who the leading players are doing the best research and delivering real-world products able to extend healthy lifespan and California is “ground zero” for the explosion of companies focused on developing those technologies.  This report is a fantastic resource for anyone needing an overview of the landscape of the Longevity Industry to serve as a starting point or reference to help them pursue their own longevity aspirations.”Kevin Perrott, Founder and CEO of OpenCures, Treasurer of SENS Research Foundation, co-founder of Oisin Biotechnologies.

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The Golden State is following the global ageing trend and is becoming the Graying State — its vast Baby Boomer cohort started entering retirement and by 2030, older Californians are projected to outnumber children for the first time in history. This so-called Silver Tsunami brings about a number of significant challenges such as higher overall healthcare costs, retirement and long-term care crises as well as poverty among seniors. However, increased Longevity also introduces a multitude of possibilities — people in the 50 plus age group have the largest spending power, many are willing to work past the traditional retirement age and most can infuse societies with transformative social benefits as caregivers and volunteers while themselves benefitting from such purposeful activities. 

“Aging Analytics Agency has been producing landscape overviews of both the Global Longevity Industry and related regional case studies for a number of years, long before mainstream recognition of this sphere. These reports were necessary to grasp the entire scope of the Longevity industry and to gain a concrete understanding of its key players, laying the foundation for the agency's proprietary analytics and industry benchmarking. The choice of California for our next regional case study was obvious, and it is clear that the state is one of the leading catalysts of the Global Longevity Industry and a literal nuclear reactor for advancing Longevity science, driven by progress in AI, precision and preventive biomedicine and geroscience.  California will undoubtedly continue to play a prominent role in this trajectory, helping the industry grow into the multi-trillion dollar giant it is destined to become.” Kate Batz, Managing Editor of Aging Analytics Agency’s “Longevity Industry in California Landscape Overview 2019” report.

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About Aging Analytics Agency
Aging Analytics Agency is the world’s premier provider of industry analytics on the topics of Longevity, Precision Preventive Medicine and Economics of Ageing, and the convergence of technologies such as AI, Blockchain, Digital Health and their impact on the healthcare industry, renowned for its development of sophisticated comparative analytical frameworks allowing for practical and tangible forecasts to be applied to industries that are otherwise too complex for standard analytical approaches to be used in a relevant way. The company provides strategic consulting services in fields relating to Longevity, and currently serves as the primary source of analytics and data for the UK All-Party Parliamentary Group for Longevity.

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