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Supplementary Data & Informational Databases

The present page contains a number of supplementary databases, IT-Platforms and other projects produced by Aging Analytics Agency, that fall within the scope of topics encompassed by both the set of recommendations made within the House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee's ‘Ageing: Science, Technology and Healthy Living’ report, and by the set of recommendations made to the UK government by Aging Analytics Agency in response. The materials, projects and databases below are intended to add additional information on topics of relevance and interest for individuals and organisations seeking to gain a greater breadth and depth of insight into these and related topics.

AgeTech UK IT-Platform

AgeTech ban.png

Longevity Biomarkers:

Industry Ecosystem IT-Platform

bio ban.png

Longevity Industry in UK

Landscape Overview

Long in UK.png

Aging Analytics Agency's 2019

Proposal to UK House of Lords

HoL Proposal.png

Longevity Governance in UK

gov uk.png

National Longevity

Development Plans in UK

last ban.png

 Longevity Policy & Governance Big Data Analytical Dashboard (Beta Overview)

Знімок екрана 2021-03-26 о 22.40.14.png

Longevity Policy & Governance Big Data Analytical Dashboard (Alpha)

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