Aging Analytics Agency Co-Founder Delivers Keynote Presentation on Longevity and COVID Analytics at Longevity Policy & Governance Summit

 Dmitry Kaminskiy on Longevity Governance and COVID-19 Analytics at Landmark Summit Featuring British Members of Parliament, Department Heads of UAE Ministry of Health & Japanese Ministry of Economy

On November 11th 2020 Aging Analytics Agency Co-Founder Dmitry Kaminsky gave a keynote presentation on the launch of Longevity Governance and COVID-19 Big Data Analytics Dashboards at the 2nd Annual International Longevity Policy & Governance Summit hosted by Longevity International (the All-Party Parliamentary group for Longevity Secretariat)


Kaminskiy’s speech unveiled for the first time to the public alpha versions of two landmark projects produced by Deep Knowledge Group’s DeepTech and Longevity-focused analytical subsidiaries: Aging Analytics Agency’s Longevity Governance Big Data Analytics Dashboard and Deep Knowledge Analytics COVID-19 Analytics Dashboard, highlighting key findings and major characteristics shared by Longevity-Progressive regions and by governments with high effective responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. Key features among regions that scored well in both COVID and Longevity include explicit prioritization of several specific sectors and technologies including Preventive Medicine, Efficient GovTech (eGovernance), Digital Health and Artificial Intelligence, and robust National Healthy Longevity Industrial Strategies.

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The summit featured keynote presentations and panels from a number of distinguished government officials at the forefront of Longevity Policy and Governance, including H.E. Dr. Al Amiri (Assistant Undersecretary for Public Health Policy and Licensing, Ministry of Health and Prevention, United Arab Emirates), Inamura Takuma (Director, Healthcare Industries Division, Commerce and Service Industry Policy Group, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan), Sir Robert Lechler (President, Academy of Medical Sciences; Special Advisor to the House of Lords Select Committee for the Response to COVID-19), Brian Kennedy (Director, Centre for Healthy Ageing; National University of Singapore), Lord Geoffrey Filkin CBE and Rt. Hon Damian Green (Members of British Parliament). 

The Longevity Governance Dashboard applies big data analysis and realtime data feeds to identify social policy, healthcare, medical, financial and socioeconomic factors having the greatest effect on the gap between life expectancy at birth and Health-Adjusted Life Expectancy (HALE) for 100 regions, delivering access to continuous monitoring of the specific governmental policy activities directly impacting both National Healthy Longevity and Longevity Industrialization, and to consistently track and analyze data points related to government-led Longevity Development initiatives, in order to help national governments and relevant governmental departments, ministries and bodies optimize their national healthcare, ageing and Longevity strategies and initiatives, obtain quantitative, sophisticated and easily-digestible competitive, comparative and SWOT analysis of themselves and their international allies, and actionable practical recommendations on best practices for transforming the challenge of ageing into the opportunity of Longevity for the benefit of their citizens and national economies.

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The project is currently in its alpha phase, with many additional features and functionalities scheduled for release over the coming weeks and months, including predictive analytics, incorporation of machine learning to more precisely identify social, economic and health factors, practices and policies with the strongest correlations to competitive National Healthy Longevity rankings (high HALE and a gap between HALE and unadjusted Life Expectancy), expanded datasets beyond their present scope (currently using 12,000 data points, 240 parameters applied to 50 regions globally, and 6-layer analytical framework in the alpha version), policy-focused predictive analysis to model the impact of specific social, health and economic initiatives on National Healthy Longevity, smart-matching capabilities, and real-time data feeds on relevant Longevity, healthcare and economic programs and initiative